Characteristics of Holochain

Holochain enables exchange of values to stabilize than a traditional blockchain due to:


  • Capacity of the network increases as participants increase
  • A network with incentive driven users
  • Ability to create stable means that will serve as a true means of currency that aids the flow of value.

  • Distributed and resilient architecture
  • Resilient in terms of no centralize point of failure

  • Since there is only a consensus on validation rules and not on every transaction, expensive hardware.
  •  No expensive hardware means no enormous amount of energy to be consumed.
  • It can be run on top of mobile devices or even IoT devices.

  • Since it does not need heavyweight computation, every transaction becomes enormously cost effective.
  • Holochain is more accessible since almost all languages that converts to WASM can be used to built application on top of holochain.
  • The distributed hosting application like HOLO enables cheap hosting of application as it carries the nature of holochain application to enable cheaper cost as the network grows larger.