Doko? is detailed apps.

Detailed local information to your smartphone!
A health care function is also included, where you can earn points for walking on your trip.

By Doko? Team
On March 1, 2024

What is the Doko?Apps.
Travel is one of the most popular leisure activities in our lives.

Thanks to affordable transportation, travel has become more accessible, and dream adventures and great vacations are always within reach.

Doko? is a GPS navigation and facilities app for such trips, allowing users to search for localized facilities not provided by major map services and to find trash cans, restrooms, and smoking areas.

Doko? also allows you to register the location of the facility and the type of restroom yourself, as a courtesy to the next person. Doko? is a health-conscious “Omo-tenashi” application that provides a convenient travel experience anywhere in Japan.


Search and guidance to the nearest trash cans, smoking areas, and restrooms?


With a few taps, the user’s smartphone screen displays a map showing nearby facilities. Tap the desired facility, and the app will show the shortest route. The app provides detailed, localized information not available from major map services. Not only is the location of the facility displayed, but specific details as well. For example, you can see whether the trash cans are for combustible, non-combustible, or recyclable trash. For smoking areas, you can choose between indoor or outdoor facilities. For restrooms, users can check details in advance, including whether showers are available, whether strollers can be used, whether diapers can be changed, and a warning about the much-discussed genderless restrooms. This convenient feature makes it easy for users to find the facility that best suits their needs.


The next tourist who thinks, “Thank God for that! The next tourist will be the same way. Why don’t you register the facilities you have found?


The Doko? app not only offers navigation features, but also crowdsourcing (users adding information).

Users can add new trash cans, smoking areas, and restrooms to the app’s database. They can take a photo, enter the necessary details, and submit the photo.

This will form a fuller database the more users there are.

The Doko? app can serve not only as a great travel experience, but also as a support for other tourists.


And you will get nice points that can be redeemed for rewards based on the distance you have walked.


You will then earn points for each step you take as a reward for your trip, and your points can be redeemed for rewards such as Amazon gifts cards.